What is Smart TV and All about Smart TV

With the radical development of technology, different streaming devices have been developed. A perfect example is a smart TV. Smart TVs usually take after smartphones in that they can offer a wide range of ‘internet connected services,’ a limitation with ordinary televisions. Apart from streaming channels, it also provides other computer-related services like games, software applications, web browsing and essentially, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) since it is designed to be a computer-equivalent. IPTV functions as a typical internet video standard although it is also used to stream videos through the internet to your TV, hence acting as a shorthand. It is designed to stream both short and live channels. Though the features may not be new with some of the televisions, the term “smart TV” is what has defined them in the present age.

Advantages of Smart TVs.

It brings a better experience

  1. It brings a better experience. A smart TV provides a wide range of options for one to choose from therefore becoming convenient. It has well-organized settings to help accomplish all your desires.
  2. It improves social connectivity. Since it has installed applications, one can easily switch from watching the normal television and to other social media platforms like Facebook, snap chat, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, one can use the smart TV as their social media, with the remote acting as the medium for sharing and getting updated with the latest news.
  3. Use of a better version of remotes. In the recent past, only the remote could control the television. However, this has become obsolete and replaced by smartphones, where one just needs to connect the smart TV with their phone, and they are able to stream everything from their phone. One is able to access the smart TV apps from their phone. Therefore, the smart TV also acts as a projector.
  4. Reduces Boredom. Smart TVs offer a wide range of accessing information, using the installed applications. They are designed to have similar features with laptops and computers. Therefore, whenever you feel there is little to watch, you can access other sites, or browse while still you are watching, hence improve your experience using the smart TV. This is a new feature that significantly reduces idleness and boredom.
  5. Increased Range of Options. One has a wide variety of things to do with the smart TV. Besides streaming channels, one is able to play games, run an IQ test, access Netflix channels and do many other things online. These counters the limitation encountered when using the ordinary televisions which is great fun.
  6. Facilitates easy surfing. One can browse right from their sofa. Besides entertainment, it improves learning since one can get information when relaxed at a distance, because of the large screen.

Smart TV Platforms.

It brings a better experience


Before one chooses the smart TV to purchase, it is important to know the firms that deal with the products. They include:

  1. LG WebOS(1.0, 2.0, 3.0) It comes in three series, which depend on the age of LG 4K TV one has. WebOS 2.0 and WebOS 3.0 are what are called BEST SMART TV platforms in the market. They are quite habitual and provide vast usability. Their ability to access 4k and other applications is excellent. The SMART TV REMOTE they use is designed to have voice recognition and gesture control systems. It offers SMART TV APPS which are better than those of Samsung and Sony Smart TV platforms.Their ability to access 4k
  2. Android TV (Sony 4K TVs) Sony Android TV platform has become successful recently, after a long period of struggle and limited media app selection, ranking the third best smart TV system in the 4K TVs market. It is simple to operate, with a straightforward menu of apps and options. Besides coming with few inbuilt smart TV with most 4k content sources included, it also allows access to google play store, to download the applications you wish to have in the system. There are so many applications in the Google play store which you can add to your smart TV and therefore, maximize your quest for entertainment. The smart TV remote is however not as good as those of Samsung and LG since they don’t allow voice recognition and gesture control features.

allows access to goggle play store3.  Samsung (Tizen) with Smart Hub. Like always, Samsung has remained a competitive firm in the provision of digital technology solutions. In this case, it’s neither an exception. Its smart hub is based on Tizen’s OS, which is also the firm’s product. Tizen OS had brought extensive improvements in the sector until in the recent past when WebOS came along. Tizen OS, however, remains competitive up to date. It has a wide range of selecting apps, and the smart TV remote comes with the Tizen in higher-end Samsung 4k. Besides, the smart TV remote offers excellent point-and-click functionality which provides services like text manipulation, web browsing and selecting apps. The remote had to do away with some of the critical buttons due to its slim size. Also, Tizen has inbuilt voice recognition software and the accompanying smart remote. Tizen provides a list of frequently used applications. It also has a web browser installed in the Samsung Tizen smart TV platform.

It also has a web browser installed

Picking Out Your Smart TV

  • Size

It is the most important feature most people consider. This also depends with the availability of space to put it and your budget. Besides, you have to consider the distance between the screen wall and the sitting/watching position. There isn’t the best way to calculate the size of the screen, but most sellers do offer advice where possible. For instance, based on their sizes, a 55 INCH SMART TV will cost more than a 32 INCH SMART TV, though the former possess a more significant visual advantage than the latter.

  • Resolution

It is the number of pixels or dots that make up a screen. The more the pixels, the higher the resolution and the display gets sharper in turn. The resolution also depends on the size of the screen since the same number of pixels, used in a larger screen would appear blurred. Currently, a good number of the screens have a 3840 by 2160 resolution, which is called 4K.

  • Software platform

It is the consideration of which platform will power on your smart TV. Most manufacturers have developed their own platforms such as LG, Panasonic, and Samsung. Sony mostly uses Google-made Android TVs while budget brand TCL depends on Roku software.

  • Sound Quality

This feature is very crucial in your viewing satisfaction. The good news is that most manufacturers usually make the sound system very quality. Most of them assume that serious audiophiles will install an independent soundbar. In conclusion, smart TVs have brought along a significant change and revolutionized the streaming of videos, as well as the social media. However, before deciding to purchase one, the considerations mentioned, and the platforms on which they operate should be considered, for you to get the best device.



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