Overview of the Best Bluetooth Speakers, Their Features & Maintenance

Entertainment is almost a necessity in the current modern world. Bluetooth speakers have become one of the most sought smart devices thanks to their versatile and intuitive features. They can be taken wherever you want to and they don’t need cables. Additionally, they can also be connected to multiple devices. Some of the brands that produce high-quality speakers are JBL, Bose, EU, etc. But what are some of the best speakers? Well, below is an overview of the best Bluetooth speakers and some of the features that you should look out for.

How to Pick Best Bluetooth Speakers

Technology has led to the innovation of various smart devices. The new generation of wireless speakers has made it possible for people to connect more than one device to a speaker. In addition to that, these devices are portable and they can be used for outdoor activities without any cable connection. So, how do you ensure that you pick the best Bluetooth speakers that will suit your need?

1. Weight

The best wireless Bluetooth speakers should be light in weight. They need to be portable for outdoor activities, traveling etc. this makes it possible for them to be taken anywhere wherever you want. For a compact speaker, choose a gadget that measures 15 cm or less.

2. Sound

You might ask yourself, how can you determine the sound quality of a speaker? First, check the output power which is usually in watts. The relationship between watts and decibels is directly proportional. A speaker with 15-20 watts can produce more than 70 decibels hence it’s great for outdoors. Secondly, you can check the frequency range. Frequency is a sound which the human ear can perceive and they range from 20-20,000 Hz. Thirdly, check the sound system i.e. the number of channels. For instance a 5.1. Means that the device has five full-range speakers & only one subwoofer to produce bass. Lastly, there is impedance i.e. resistance. Note that the higher the resistance of a speaker, the lower its speaker power.

3. Battery Life

Note that wireless speakers are portable hence they can be used anywhere even while camping outdoors. It’s therefore important to choose a model with a long battery life. If you want the best portable Bluetooth speaker, ensure that it has a battery life of at least six hours per charge.

4. Controls

The accessibility of the Bluetooth speaker should be easy and simple. Most people need simple devices that can be turned on, paired and then the audio plays. It should have a few controls for basic functions such as play, pause, pairing and volume control button among others.

5. Connection

The audio device should be able to connect to multiple devices. Apart from a smartphone, the speaker should be able to seamlessly connect with devices such as tablets, laptops, etc. In addition to that, the device should also be able to connect multiple speakers. This helps to create a more well-balanced and deep immersive sound.

The Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers 

1. JBL Flip 4

Five Different JBL Flip 4

-Flip 4 is one of the best JBL Speakers. The portable Bluetooth speaker has twelve hours of playtime. and an IPX7 waterproof feature. This device can connect with two devices simultaneously for an impressive and high definition stereo sound. The JBL Connect + feature allows people to link other the JBL Speakers and together they work to amplify the audio. JBL Flip 4 can be activated by pressing the buttons or via Google Now or Siri.

2. OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

one speaker OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

This is one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers for outdoors. OontZ Angle 3 Ultra produces well-balanced crystal clear sounds that are distortion-free. It has double custom-stereo neodymium drivers which produce distinct highs and deep mid-ranges. OontZ Angle 3 ultra provides 14W of power and it connects to smart devices such as Chromebook, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This device has a 100 feet Bluetooth range and a 20-hour battery life and it’s suitable for long outdoor trips

3. Bose SoundLink Color III

Three different Bose SoundLink Color III

This speaker brings style and music together. It’s rated as one of the best Bluetooth speakers that’s smart. You can connect it to the Android and iOS App and stream any type of music. The water-resistant device provides a powerful performance thanks to its two passive-radiators and four drivers which offer high clarity and well-balanced audio. Bose Sound Link Color III can be paired with any smart device and it has a wireless range of more than 30 feet.

4. UE Wonderboom

Ten Different UE Wonderboom

UE’s Wonderboom has been rated among the best wireless Bluetooth speakers for outdoor activities. This is the best to-go device if you want to listen to music. Wonderboom provides a 360-degree premium sound along with a well-balanced and distinct bass. Its excellent design which includes a Drop and Water Proof feature, 2 speakers and the Alexa voice control feature provides users with great sound for a relaxing day in or an entertaining outdoor party. Wonderboom has a Bluetooth connectivity of 100 feet and a battery life of 10 hours.

5. OontZ Angle 3 Plus

Nice Sound OontZ Angle 3 Plus

Angle 3 plus has been designed with features of the next generation of wireless speakers. It produces sound that is crystal clear and free from distortion. The splash, rain, and shower proof device connects to smart devices such as tablets, laptops, phones etc. with 2 neodymium drivers of high precision, this device delivers crystal clear mids and highs. It’s has a smooth and curvy design with no sharp corners. OontZ Angle 3 Plus has a 30 feet Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to that, this device has a battery that can withstand a 30-hour playtime.

6. The Anker – Soundcore Flare

Affordable and cost-friendly


This sound system is rated as one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers that is affordable and cost-friendly. Anker’s Soundcore – Flare has an impressive sound system for its size. The waterproof device has been designed with an excellent mobile application and wireless range. This Bluetooth speaker has a long-battery life and you can use it the whole day without charging it.

7. The EU –Boom 2

The device has a good design

At just around 1.2 lbs., the UE – Boom 2 is among some of the best wireless speakers that are portable. The device has a good design and is waterproof. Its wide range of features include a play, skip or pause option, a 360-degree immersive sound, a battery life of 15 hours, a shockproof design, a wireless of 100 feet etc. Boom 2 is perfect for every kind of environment because it has been designed for adventure.

8. Marshall Kilburn

With over 20 hours of battery life

With over 20 hours of battery life, Kilburn is definitely one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers. It’s designed with high-quality treble and bass controls. It features a unique classic-marshal design. Its front has a vintage look that’s detailed with gold metals. Additionally, Kilburn can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone, computer, and tablet to play streamed music.

9. Fugoo Style

Fugoo Style 30 feet of wireless range.

This lightweight device is among the top wireless speakers currently. Fugoo Style has an amazing sound system and a battery life of up to 40 hours. With a clutch-like shape, this speaker is rated as one of the best portable speakers on the market. It’s stylish and designed with durable materials which include an elegant and sleek cover. This device is supported by Siri, Google Now along with a speakerphone. With a 360-degree sound, Fugoo Style provides users with a premium sound quality. It’s 100 percent waterproof and has more 30 feet of wireless range.

10. Photive M90 

Even with many loud and portable speakers

Even with many loud and portable speakers, Photive’s M90 still manages to stand from the crowd. This sound system contains a passive inbuilt subwoofer with a 20-watt stereo output. It’s one of the best wireless speakers that provides clear and loud amplification as well as bass streaming. When it comes to speakers, sound as well as elegance matters. Photive M90 is a waterproof device with a modern-minimalist finish that’s supported with stunning aluminum grill. The bass performance of this speaker produces amazing lows and highs of all your tracks.

Tips to Maintain Your Speakers

Speakers have to be well-maintained in order for them to function properly. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to lack of quality sound. Furthermore, this could result in defects. Some of the basic maintenance tips for speakers include:

1. Keeping them Dust Free

The speakers should always be placed in areas that are free from dust. Note that dust can significantly lower the performance of the Bluetooth speakers. You can keep them dust-free by using a vacuum cleaner.

2. Keep the Speakers Away From Static Electricity

Note that this is a major cause of the electrical – system burn out. Ensure that you keep the Bluetooth speakers away from any source of static electricity.

3. Ventilation

A better way of increasing the speaker’s life is through proper ventilation. You can do this by keeping fans close to the speakers in order to cool them, especially during intense performances. If it’s during the day, the windows should be opened for proper air circulation.
Final Thoughts

Bluetooth speakers are currently some of the best audio enhancers. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, they are usually compatible with multiple smart devices and they can be used to play streamed music. Apart from sound quality and battery life, ensure that you choose a device that’s portable and durable.



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