Hulu, The Best Choice Among The Rest!

The age we are leaving it is enriched with the technological inventions that are aimed at making the life to be more comfortable and more so being meaningful! Life won’t be that sweet without the technological inventions that have really done a lot in warranting the most amusing moments of streaming! One of such kinds of the invention is the Hulu invention. There are actually more options of viewing and the quiz here is, what can Hulu offer you? Why Hulu is considered a better option than the rest such as the live TV services? Get the facts about Hulu in the guide below.

What is Hulu?

To define what Hulu is, it worth noting that its actually the best streaming service that will allow the users from the US and Japan to stream the popular TV shows. This service is actually limited to the US and Japan only. Hulu majors on streaming the newer TV shows and their own original content and they are really not so keen on other streaming options such as movies and documentaries! To customize your experience with this amazing Hulu, you are entitled to monthly subscription tiers so as to allow you to have total control over your viewing experiences!

How does Hulu Work?

Hulu does not actually work like the famous streaming platforms such as the Netflix AND ALSO THE Amazon prime video! Hulu allows the users to access the newest popular series from the traditional networks. You will have earlier access to popular series in within a week or even a day unlike the rest of e platforms!  Hulu also has no hidden fees, installation appointments or even the equipment rentals. So, in simple terms, Hulu focuses mainly on the streaming of the newer contents in its original contents and they don’t deal much with movies and documentaries.

Best Features of Hulu

What makes Hulu be the best TV streaming service is the rich features that really ensure that it accords the user with a rare amusing experience! This list of features includes:

  • HBO

HBO on Hulu will accord you with rare TV shows such as the best shows on Hulu including the game of thrones, insecure cure award-winning movies, sopranos and many of the kind. It actually binges most of the famous TV shows!

  • Showtime

Showtime features will allow you to watch a variety of fan shows such as the shameless, homeland, billions, championship boxing and many other amazing fan favourites only on the Hulu app!

  • Cinemax

Cinemax is also an important feature on Hulu that has the ability to stream hundreds of hit movies. You will also get a chance to stream the action-packed original series such as the strike Back, Banshee and Outcast. Other amazing hit movies include the hours of behind the scenes. It’s Hulu live TV that will accord you with this exclusive Cinemax features!

  • Entertainment

The Hulu live TV has an entertainment add on that will always ensure that you stay tuned to the latest news and current lifestyle programming from the amazing channels such as the American Heroes Chanel, CNBC world and the likes! You may also love getting the latest news from channels such as the Destination America, Discovery family and also the lifetime movies. All his are found in the entertainment feature Hulu. Best shows on Hulu are actually available!

  • Starz

Starz is another amazing feature on Hulu that will allow you to watch buzz-worthy original series including the Power and also Outlander. You will also get access to theatrical movies that actually features celebrities in holly wood!

  • Enhanced cloud DVR

The Hulu will allow you to upgrade to enhanced cloud DVR that will actually run for 200 total hours. This add on will still allow you to fast forward through all the recorded contents for the commercial breaks!

There are still many other features such as the Espanol and also unlimited screens.

How to Sign Up for Hulu with Live TV?

How to Sign Up for Hulu with Live TV

Now that you have been exposed to features that this amazing Hulu live TV has, you are so much impressed and you really don’t know how to get started with it, right? Worry no more, the steps to sign in here are really very simple:

  1. From your web browser, navigate to the
  2. With your regular email and password, log in to Hulu
  3. Proceed to manage my account menu after Hulu login
  4. For those who are not automatically directed on the add on, you can still select the manage button based on your plans
  5. Tap the button to view additional plans on the base plan section
  6. Scroll down till you get to a hulu+live TV, then toggle the switch to this plan button
  7. Scroll down again to enhanced cloud DVR and tap the button with a prompt switch plan to live TV to unlock
  8. Go to unlimited screens and also switch the plan onto unlock
  9. Select continue
  10. Enter the postal or rather zip code for location determinations
  11. Tick the box for Hulu to create temporary recordings
  12. Finally, select confirm to allow for the changes!

This simple 12 steps will set your Hulu account running!

Cost and Commitments of Hulu

Hulu offers amazing subscription options to its users. Their services range from 5.99 dollars to 44.99 dollars.  As a new subscriber, you are in liberty to make decisions on the plans that you think will really best suit you! Choose the plans that best suits you and start Hulu free trial anytime!

 Notably, with Hulu subscription services, you will be entitled to a variety of benefits including such as the benefits of no hidden cost or fees such as the sales tax in some other areas, you will also not be required to have appointments, special types of equipment or any home installations! They also offer amazing customer services that will really make you subscribe to the Hulu live TV!

Bottom Line

To conclude with, Hulu Live TV is really an amazing streaming service with the best customer services! It’s time to give it a try, I am sure you will surely love it for its amazing newest services that are up to date!


Joe F. Marquez
the authorJoe F. Marquez