Facts About the Amazing Android TV Boxes and Choosing It!

Facts About the Amazing Android TV Boxes and Choosing It

Watching regular TV sometimes can be so boring especially because of the insufficiency of the contents. Other factors such as the poor satellite or rather inactive satellite subscriptions top up the challenges! This situation actually plays a role in warranting you that disgusting boredom and maybe you are lost on what to do? Did you know that the Android TV box is the perfect solution that will help you forget all the challenges associated with regular TV? This amazing smart Android TV will allow you to get access to a variety of the most amusing sessions as you stream the contents into your TV! You may also have an easy time downloading the apps from the play store!

What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is an amazing innovation that will warrant you the most amusing experience! This TV entertainment platform is based on the Android technology and it’s actually managed by google! These amazing best android boxes are available in large varieties hence will make the choosing process to be so daunting for the beginner! Many OEMs do distribute them. Notably, the distributors are entitled with the rights to customize them according to the way they want them to look like, therefore bringing different varieties of the Android TV boxes!

How does an Android TV Box Work?

The working of this amazing best Android TV boxes depends on the chromecast. They offer the native chromecast integration that will make it possible for the applications to cast the contents into the Android TV box and televisions. With the integration of the google play store system, it really serves to ensure that you are supplied with a wide variety of the apps, video games music and also movies! The Android TV also supports other useful features such as the support for the external storage, the Bluetooth game controller support and also the apps such as YouTube for streaming the 4k content. All these are what you get when you choose the best Android TV box!

3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Android TV box!

As stated earlier, there are wide varieties of the Android TV boxes that have really made the choosing process to be so daunting! Close attention should always be given to the special features especially the technical specifications the android box to be chosen! This 3 key considerations will help you on how to choose an android TV box!

  • The Ports, HDMI and WIFI Abilities

The importance of these points stated above is just so overwhelming. It may really take another day explaining it but in simple terms, if your android box lacks the specifications of this kind, then you really need to reconsider the selection! 4K streaming will need the HDMI abilities while gigabit Ethernet cable will ensure that you are accorded with the efficient data transfer characterized with less buffering! These ports are really very important when it comes to content transfers!

  • Operating System

When it comes to making decisions on choosing the best Android TV box, you need to choose the one with the updated operating system! The updated operating system will warrant you the greatest convenience when it comes to performance. It will even be more useful when you have the smart home since you will be accorded with the superior synergy especially when all your devises uses a similar operating system!

  • Performance

This is another important consideration as far as the Android TV box choosing is concerned. This aspect is sometimes referred to as dynamic refresh rate. It refers to the performance level of your Android TV box when it comes with the conversion of the data you want into the information that you need. Ensure that the android box that you acquire has a 60 Hz plus performance so as to get rid of the blinking that sometimes brings about the discomfort with the sight!

5 Best Android TV Boxes

  • Amazon Fire TV 3rd Generation

Amazon Fire TV 3rd Generation

Amazon fire TV 3rd generation is actually one of the best cheap android boxes that run the amazon fire operating system. It has an amazing variety of improvements that makes it be the best. Among the key features that you get includes the 4K Ultra HD and the HDR-10 support. You will also like the quality processor that warrants the greatest performance! More features can be found in the Amazon about this leading best android TV box.

  • King Box K3

King Box K3

This amazing best Android TV box won’t really miss the best five lists! This amazing king box Android TV box offers you something more than just the greatest performance and also many amazing performance features! You will be entitled to other best features including durable hardware. The processing speeds are also better elaborated. The few amazing features include the Android 7.1 marshmallow, vanilla version of the latest KODI 17.6 software and many other features that are listed on its product description manual! Acquire this leading android TV box and you will get more reasons to have a happy life!

  • Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra

Roku is yet another amazing best android box that ends that makes it be the better option for those who are seeking the best android box TV! Its hardware is perfectly designed to last for a good number of years. The ease of use is also another reason that puts it on the top list. Other distinct features that make Roku be the most outstanding is the bespoke media channel that will accord you with a variety of movies and shows. Roku also excels in supporting the sports streaming channels, unlike other best Android TV boxes. Other features include the dedicated mobile app and many other well-designed features that this highly rated android box offers.

  • NVIDIA shield TV Pro

NVIDIA shield TV Pro

NVIDIA shield is really among the world’s best Android TV boxes that are a little bit expensive but they offer the most amazing features! It can actually connect your PC gaming with smart TV since it uses the advanced GPU and the potent wireless connections that cast the PC gaming’s into your screen. Other amazing features include the super quality hardware, an innovative processor which combines varieties of quad-core CPUs to warrant the most amazing performance and many other amazing features all designed to ensure you get the quality that you desire! It’s really the best Android TV box that you should acquire for quality and convenience!

  • EVANPO T95Z Plus


To end the best five list, Evanpo T95Z seems to be the perfect fit to end the list! Notably, it’s the cheapest and also has well-designed features that rank it at the position it holds! The hardware is really very attractive and it’s made with a sleek appearance that will surely impress everyone. The Amlogic S912 octa-core that it employs is also other reasons why you will be accorded with amazing processing power! The storage capacity is also very impressive and it overtakes the rest since it offers 3GB RAM. It’s really one of the best cheap Android TV boxes that you should consider when choosing the Android TV box.

Bottom Line

To conclude with, getting the best Android TV boxes has never been a simple process since the market offers a large variety that will make the decision process to be hectic! Don’t really stress yourself with this decision making the process. The article has elaborated for you the key considerations that determine the choices and also give you the best five 5 of which you really won’t fail to make a choice of it! Always ensure that you get the best that will give you the amusing moments that you are seeking!


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