All You Need to Know About Smartphones

All you need to know about Smartphones


Who hasn’t heard about smartphones? Have you ever thought of venturing deep into the meaning of the smartphone and how they evolved? Would you wish to know the best smartphones in the market today? Well. This article is meant to answer those questions. We shall know some of the things you should be expecting in any smartphone.

Smartphone Definition

These are cellular handsets that are designed with integrated computer and have access to the App Store where the user can download the applications and install them to enhance communication among other tasks. They function with an operating system and can connect to the internet.

The Evolution of Smartphones

It all started long ago with the invention of the cellphones that helped people to make calls and communicate with their loved ones. Then came Personal Digital Assistants that had improved functionalities. PDA had the ability to keep to-do list, contacts and synchronize your details with the computer. More improvements were done for both the cellphones and PDA in which gave rise to cellular phone features.

1992, Simon Personal Communicator was manufactured as the first smartphone in history. It had a touchscreen, apps, notes & calendar. It could send emails, fax, and massages. BlackBerry 5810 smartphone followed later. It was slightly improved as it could play music, had a full keyboard, advanced security and access to the internet. In 2007, Apple came into the market with its first smartphone which attracted the attention of so many customers. Today we can see all those smartphones in the market.

Why are They Called Smartphones?

To distinguish between a smartphone and a cellphone, you will have to look at some of the features. For a device to be called a smartphone, it should have internet connectivity (Bluetooth, WIFI and cellular connection), operating system, storage, RAM, QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, Best smartphone camera, GPS and access to the app store.

What are the Best Smartphones Right Now?

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

This smartphone was released in March 2019. It has on Android Pie operating system and has a screen size if 6.4inches. It has a storage of 1TB and can be expanded to 1.5TB using a card. It has both rear camera (12MP) and front camera (10MP). It has a Snapdragon 855 CPU with a resolution of 3040×1440.

  • iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max

This is the best smartphone form apple brand that was launched in September 2018. It functions on iOS 12 operating system and weighs of 208g. The front camera is 7MP while the rear camera is 12MP+12MP. The control processor unit is designed with A12 Bionic. Those who have a larger storage space can smile because it comes with up to 512GB and a RAM of 4GB. The screen size measures 6.5inches and the battery is 3174mAh.

  • Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3

For those who love the Android operating system, this can be the right smartphone for you. Despite the fact that it has a high price tag, it will always deliver beyond your imagination. It has Android Pie OS with a screen size of 5.5 inches. It’s designed with Snapdragon 845 CPU and weights only 148g. You can find one with storage of 64GB/128GB/256GB and with a RAM of 4GB.  If you love taking pictures, then its 12.2MP rear camera and Dual 8MP front camera will allow you to take the best pictures.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

For ones, fans of Samsung brand can smile. This smartphone was released in March 2019 and it only weighed 150g. Its resolution is 1080×2280 and with a Snapdragon 855 CPU. The rear camera is 12MP+12MP while the front camera is 10MP. It has a RAM of 6/8GB while the storage is 128/256GB. The 3100mAh will allow you to work with your phone for a long time before it goes off. Its resolution is 1080 x 2280.

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This is the Best budget smartphones from Huawei brand. It came into the market in November 2018 but still, it’s the best smartphone that you can always rely on.  Its system works on Android 9 OS and has a screen size of 6.39inches.  The resolution is 1440×3120. It has a RAM of 8GB that will allow you to carry out with multiple tasks without it hanging. The storage is 256GB and can hold as much media files as you wish. Kirin 980 CPU will let you run multiple programs without making your battery hot.  Both the 40MP+20MP+8MP rear camera and 24MP front camera allow you to take all the photos you need.

What Smartphone Should You Get?

It’s very simple you choose the best smartphone. Fits, ensure it has both rear and front camera. It must not be too heavy and large for you to hold and make your calls. You should choose on any smartphone with a RAM of 4GB and above.  Storage plays an important role too. See to it that the phone you choose have more than 32GB storage space if you want something better. Based on these features and the cost as well, you can always go for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for its among the Best budget smartphones.

Good and Bad Things about Smartphones

The Good

  • Smartphones enhance the security of your confidential calls, and documents
  • Increase productivity as one is able to things like booking, ordering items online
  • Contain GPS which can help you find your way when you are lost in the city or jungle
  • A good source of entertainment as you can watch videos and listen to music
  • It sends videos, pictures and makes calls to your loved one thus keeping the family together

The Bad

  • In case of theft issue, your smartphone can reveal a lot of your private and confidential data
  • Can distract you and prevent you from doing something useful and could cause an accident
  • Some produce radiofrequency energy which can be a health risk
  • Social media platforms and games can make someone addicted to smartphones

Final Words

With the use of unlocked smartphones, your privacy is always protected. You can always buy cheap smartphones on Amazon and any other secure online store. Take your time and choose a good smartphone that can help you.

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